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The bustling city suddenly falls silent, leaving you in a timeless moment of stillness – but you’re ready with your prepper list. No electricity, no running water – it’s as if time stood still. You’re ready though, because you’ve built an effective prepper list to get you through it. This isn’t just another day at work; it’s survival now.

You might be thinking, “I’m not an extreme survivalist! Why should I care?” But what happens when Mother Nature throws a curveball or there’s a prolonged power outage? How would you handle these unexpected situations?

In this guide to creating your own prepper list, we’ll walk through everything from storing food that has long shelf lives to maintaining personal hygiene during stressful times. We’ll even discuss tools like hand crank generators and solar chargers for off-grid power solutions!

Being ready and taking the initiative is essential, no matter what situation arises. It allows us to tackle any challenge head-on with confidence.

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Prepper List Essentials To Keep You Alive

A well-rounded prepper list is a life raft in turbulent times. It’s your ticket to self-reliance when an emergency strikes, whether it’s an unforeseen natural disaster or more extended societal breakdown. The essence of the situation is not just recognizing what you require but comprehending why.

The Importance of Food Storage

men of strength usa shtf plan and prepper list

We often take our daily meals for granted. But consider this: we are essentially three missed meals away from chaos. Having at least three months’ worth of nutritious food stored is crucial, making the importance of food storage in your prepper list paramount.

This grows significantly if you have a lot of mouths to feed.

Your stash should include items with long shelf lives like canned goods and freeze-dried foods along with good quality grains such as wheat berries for bulk preparation.

Cooking these staples might call for different methods compared to your regular kitchen routine—this isn’t about gourmet dining after all. Keeping things like soy sauce on hand can make a world of difference in adding flavor to your dishes since prepping food can be bland.

That all changes if you go for the most nutrient-packed emergency food supply out there. Nutrient Survival is an emergency food nutrition provider that makes the best emergency food I’ve ever tasted.

You can learn more about their food in my review here.

If you’re ready to rock, just use my discount code (STRENGTH15) and you’ll save a load of cash.

Water Purification and Storage

Stainless Faucet no water on your prepper list

Beyond nourishment, hydration holds greater importance in survival scenarios. Clean water sources aren’t always readily available and you only have 3 days that you can survive without it. This emphasizes the role that proper water purification plays in your prepper list.

You could find yourself near an open water source where boiling it would be sufficient for purification or some situations may demand using something like a Survivor Filter Water Purification System. Regardless, having multiple means to purify water should be standard for every prepper list; remember that being flexible and adaptable is key here.

If there’s one thing any experienced prepper will tell you though, it’s “Store. Store. Store.” Having access to clean water doesn’t mean much if you can’t store it properly. Invest in sturdy, food-grade BPA-free plastic buckets and even 50-gallon barrels for large-volume storage and rainwater collection.

Water is the essence of life but only when it’s safe to consume; untreated water could lead to health complications that you simply cannot afford in a survival situation. Therefore, always have ways at your disposal—like purification tablets and filters—to make sure what’s meant to keep you alive isn’t what ends up hurting you instead.

Shelter and Miscellaneous Prepper List Supplies

In a survival scenario, the importance of having a proper shelter cannot be overstated. It is your first line of defense against harsh weather conditions, wild animals, and other potential threats. A well-constructed shelter can provide warmth in freezing temperatures or shade during extreme heat.

There are different types of shelters that you can build depending on the situation and available resources. Some examples include lean-tos, snow caves for cold climates, debris huts for woodland areas, or even an improvised tent using tarps or ponchos.

Tactical Tools & Equipment

Beyond shelter needs, there are essential tools and equipment that should be included in every prepper’s list to increase chances of survival in any emergency scenario.

  • Multipurpose tool: This handy gadget combines several individual functions into one compact design – including knives, screwdrivers, bottle openers, etc., making it an indispensable item for outdoor survival situations. I like the Leatherman Signal.
  • Survival Knife: A well-built survival knife is required. I even recommend having multiple types but this one is my go-to.
  • Tactical flashlight: Not just for illuminating dark spaces but also useful as a signaling device or defensive weapon when necessary. I trust Fenix Lighting for all my lights.
  • Rope/Paracord: Useful for building shelters, and setting up snares/traps among many other uses. This stuff may seem minute but it is a necessity and is light to carry.
  • Duct tape: Its numerous applications range from fixing gear to medical uses like splinting broken bones. A must-have in your prepper list.
gerber strongarm shtf loadout and prepper list
One of my top picks for a knife is the Gerber StrongArm. Use “STRENGTH” for a discount.

There’s many more tools you can add to your kit so let’s keep going!

The ability to navigate your way through unfamiliar terrains is crucial especially if rescue isn’t coming anytime soon. Essential navigational tools include maps (preferably topographic), compasses, and GPS devices. A good understanding of how to use these tools is just as important as having them so be sure to take a navigations class or do your research.

Remember, preparedness isn’t only about braving the wilderness with nothing but your bare hands. It’s about being prepared and equipped for whatever situation you might find yourself in. The right shelter and tactical supplies can make all the difference when it comes to surviving a crisis.

Key Takeaway: 

A solid prepper list is your saving grace in a crisis, stressing the importance of food storage and water purification. Having at least three months’ worth of long-lasting foods is crucial. Clean water access isn’t enough – you need proper storage options too. Invest in sturdy water containers and always have multiple methods to purify available, ensuring safe consumption.

Water Storage and Purification

When it comes to prepping, water is your lifeline. But having it isn’t enough; you need to make sure that the water you have is clean and safe for consumption.

You might think bottled water is a good starting point. However, despite its convenience, bottled water has a shelf life. Over time, chemicals from the plastic can leach into the liquid rendering it unsafe.

That’s why BPA-free water containers like these ones are essential to store water at your emergency survival locations.


Different Methods of Water Purification

To keep yourself hydrated in an emergency situation without access to commercially purified water, having knowledge about various purification methods becomes critical.

The most common method used by many is boiling. It’s simple – just heat your source of fresh raw river or rainwater until bubbles start appearing in rapid succession – this indicates that the impurities are being killed off from high-temperature exposure.

That being said the obvious choice here is to have reliable fire-starting supplies. After going through so many of the cheap Chinese-made items on Amazon I only trust Black Beard Fire for this stuff.


Water purification tablets offer another portable solution that eliminates harmful bacteria through chemical reaction but these should be used sparingly due to their potential health effects over prolonged use.

If you’re looking for something more sustainable long-term then consider investing in reliable water filtration systems such as the gravity-fed Berkey Water Purification System. They provide high-quality filtration ensuring pure drinkable water every time.

Personal survival-oriented water filters are a must as well like the Lifestraw, Sawyer filter, and Survivor Filters.


Storing Your Clean Water

Sourcing and purifying your own drinking supply would be futile if you don’t store it correctly afterward because contamination risks always remain present. So here’s where we talk storage options:

Water storage buckets made from food-grade plastic are ideal since they’re durable yet lightweight enough allowing easy portability especially if they can stack on top of each other. Plus, their lid seal ensures your water remains uncontaminated.

prepper list water storage buckets

In an emergency, if you need to store a lot of water fast, consider using something like your bathtub – it can make for a great make-shift solution and if you use this tool then you can keep it sanitary for a while. Your water heater will also have a good amount of water stored in it in a pinch.

It’s crucial to make sure that stored water doesn’t touch anything harmful. This includes substances or bacteria that could contaminate it once more, essentially ruining all your hard work.

Key Takeaway: 

Surviving an emergency relies heavily on clean water. Storing it isn’t enough; ensuring its purity is key. From boiling with fire-starting kits to purification tablets and advanced systems like the Berkey Water Purification System, there are many ways to keep your water safe for consumption. 

If you’re stuck in a pinch, store your purified water in food-grade plastic buckets or even consider using a tarp-lined bathtub and draining your water heater.

Food Storage and Preparation

Stocking up on food is not enough for emergency prep; it’s essential to have the right type of edibles that will last and know how to cook them when circumstances become challenging. Let’s cut through the fluff and talk practicality.

nutrient survival cans on shelf. shtf plan and shtf loadout and prepper list
I’m telling you, Nutrient Survival products are where it’s at

Canned goods are a standard option in emergency situations. Why? Canned goods are a great choice in survival situations due to their long shelf life, convenient storage options, and the fact that they can be consumed without further preparation.

The trick here is choosing foods with a high nutritional value that will sustain you in stressful situations over long distances and time frames. One way to do this is by opting for freeze dried food like those found in emergency food storage kits. These are designed specifically for emergencies so their nutrient content tends not only to be high but balanced too.

And to be clear, I am only speaking to emergency food from Nutrient Survival. All other brands simply pale in comparison when it comes to getting the proper amount of nutrition from great-tasting food options to boot. 

As I mentioned, I worked with them to get you a discount on all their stuff because I really think it’s the best food storage solution for anyone who wants to be more prepared or looking for a quick meal.

Survival at its finest

Nutrient Survival

The standard for survival food. Food should free you. Not fail you. Browse their emergency food kits, everyday performance foods and BrainCare products.

Aside from buying made-for-you food storage kits, you can always store your own prepared food. Though, you have to do it properly, or else it’ll go bad in a few days.

Mylar Bags: Your Best Friend For Long-Term Storage On Your Prepper List

I want to let you in on a little secret if you decide to store your own food – Mylar bags. These shiny, metallic sacks are like an emergency shelter for your food. 

They’re tough, they block light and oxygen from getting to your stash thus extending the shelf life of whatever’s inside them. Pair these with good-quality vacuum sealers & boom. You’ve got yourself an efficient long-term storage system.

But remember guys, food tends to go bad fast so don’t forget those Oxygen absorbers.

Key Takeaway: 

Prepping goes beyond just hoarding food. It’s about carefully picking options that are not only long-lasting but also nutritious. Canned goods are decent due to their longevity and simplicity of use. To enhance nutrition, consider incorporating Nutrient Survival foods into your stockpile.

Emergency Supplies & Tools

When you’re in a bind, the right tools can make all the difference. For any prepper, having a comprehensive collection of supplies and gear is crucial. We already talked a little about these but let’s explore the must-haves for your emergency stockpile.

Versatile Multi-Tools and Knives

A Silver Hunting Jack Knife on the Wood prepper list

A good knife/s, like a fixed blade and a pocket knife, aren’t just for cutting things open – they’re also invaluable tools for food preparation, building shelter, or even self-defense if needed. The same goes for multi-tools which are compact yet pack numerous functionalities such as screwdrivers, bottle openers, and more.

Browse my go-to options here in this guide.

First Aid Kits and Trauma Kits: More Than Just Band-Aids

No one plans to get hurt but being prepared for injuries is vital in crisis situations where help might not arrive quickly. You want to have a standard first aid kit for all your bumps and bruises. However, a trauma kit doesn’t only include basic first aid items like adhesive bandages but also has equipment designed to treat severe wounds.

I highly recommend kits from MyMedic which you can get for 15% off if you use the discount code: “Strength15”.


Lifesaving Blankets

An emergency blanket could be your ticket out of hypothermia during chilly nights outdoors because it helps retain body heat effectively due to its thermal reflective material.

Light It Up With LED Flashlights

Navigating dark environments without proper lighting could lead to accidents; hence investing in a good LED flashlight will ensure visibility at night time while conserving battery life too since LEDs consume less power than traditional bulbs.

Here is my go-to source for high-quality flashlights and headlamps.

The key here is practicality over anything else – each piece of gear must serve multiple purposes wherever possible.


Staying Powered Up

A portable solar charger is a smart addition to your kit. In situations where electricity isn’t readily available, this device can harness the power of the sun to juice up essential electronics like flashlights or radios.

There are also bigger options available for larger-scale power like this one here.

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Sleeping Gear for Comfort and Warmth

Achieving restful sleep is paramount, especially during times of strain. High-quality sleeping gear like heavy-duty tarps can really make a difference.

Key Takeaway: 

Never undervalue everyday items such as duct tape. Emergency blankets can be lifesavers by retaining warmth, and LED flashlights are crucial when navigating in the dark. Each item should serve a purpose, so make sure your kit is well-stocked with useful gear.

Shelter & Sleeping Gear

Imagine being forced out of your home in a disaster, the temperature dropping and rain pouring down.

But guess what? 

You were prepared and got a good tent, proper clothing to keep you warm, plus a sleeping bag to make sure you stay cozy. Trust me, shelter can be as important as food and water when surviving tough times.

The great outdoors can be unpredictable but having good quality gear will make sure that no matter how harsh the conditions get, your body gets the rest it needs.

Orange Camping Tent Near Body of Water during Daytimeon the prepper list

Choosing the Right Tent

Picking out a tent isn’t just about going for one that looks cool or has room for your entire family (although those things do count). It’s more about resilience—finding one that stands firm against heavy winds or torrential downpours. Remember we are preparing for surviving hard times.

I’ve spent many nights growing up in mediocre tents shivering from head to toe because I thought all tents were created equal – boy was I wrong. Nowadays, I don’t mess around and opt for legit shelters that I actually use for regular camping trips as well.


A quality weatherproof tent to stand strong even when Mother Nature throws her worst at you will do and there are many out there. Make sure there’s enough ventilation so condensation doesn’t give you an unwelcome morning shower; nothing spoils a day faster than waking up drenched.

You should also consider portability. You might not be able to carry a full-blown tent. That’s where a backpacking tent, survival bivvy or even building a bushcraft shelter comes in.

Sleeping Bag Basics

Green and Red Wet Textile in a Tent sleeping bag prepper list

Moving on from tents brings us to another crucial piece of equipment – sleeping bags. Your goal should be getting sound sleep amidst whatever craziness might come our way because trust me guys – fatigue during emergencies is not your friend.

A sleeping bag should be sized appropriately. Too big, and you’ll have cold spots; too small, and it could restrict movement or breathing. It’s best to go with good insulation material—down if weather permits or synthetic for damp conditions.

The best survival sleeping bags will keep you warm and protected out in the elements and these are the top-of-the-line choices.


Dressing Right

Wrapping up our shelter and sleeping gear list, don’t forget warm clothing. Use proper layering with an outer garment that can keep you warm and dry. Wind proof and water proof outer shells are must-haves in your prepper list.

Key Takeaway: 

Being prepared for the unexpected means ensuring you have sturdy shelter and comfy sleeping gear. Pick a resilient, well-ventilated tent that can withstand harsh conditions. Choose a good sleeping bag – too big or small could mean discomfort or cold spots. And don’t skimp on warm clothing; even in the coziest of tents, nothing beats a good jacket.

Personal Hygiene & Sanitation

Though it’s tempting to overlook personal hygiene when the going gets tough, hygiene is just as essential for survival in a prepper’s checklist as food and water. 

In fact, maintaining hygiene can prevent diseases that could knock you off your feet when you need to be at your strongest.

You’re not just fighting against grime and odor – poor sanitation can lead to illnesses like dysentery or cholera.

Next up is washing and stay clean.

Crop person wiping smartphone with wet wipes from prepper list

Staying Clean When Water Is Limited

In situations where every drop counts, taking daily showers isn’t feasible anymore. This doesn’t mean you give up on staying clean altogether; we adapt instead. Wipes like these designed specifically for camping trips can help keep key areas fresh between limited washes with actual water.

These are actually great bartering items as well if push came to shove. Denzel did in the awesome film “The Book of Eli”:

Solar showers are another good option which harness solar power into providing warm baths outdoors – a rare luxury during difficult times. I’ve used these on long trips out in the Mojave desert and they get the job done on those cold mornings.

Dental Care On-The-Go

While it’s tempting to forget about flossing when you’re busy surviving, remember that dental problems can lead to more serious health issues. So pack travel-sized toothpaste and a sturdy toothbrush in your bag.

If supplies run out, nature has its own solutions. You could use a clean piece of cloth dipped in baking soda or salt as an alternative way to brush your teeth.

Key Takeaway: 

Don’t underestimate the importance of oral hygiene. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is crucial, even when you’re in survival mode. Always remember to pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. A little effort can go a long way in preventing gum disease and other oral health issues that could complicate an already difficult situation.

Miscellaneous Prepper List Items

When the going gets tough, it’s often those quirky items on your prepper list that you’d never think of packing in your survival kit that save the day. Take duct tape and zip ties for instance – their versatility is unparalleled when you need a quick fix.

Duct tape can be used to repair gear, seal containers, or even act as an emergency bandage. Zip ties? They’re great for securing items together, making field repairs, or setting up camp.


The Magic Of Aluminum Foil

Then there’s aluminum foil. This shiny kitchen staple doubles up as a handy tool during emergencies like no other. You can use it to cook food over a heat source without any fancy equipment (who needs pots and pans anyway?), reflect heat back into your shelter, or signal for help using its reflective surface.

Let’s not forget about communication devices either; I mean what good are all these preparations if we’re cut off from our group or potential rescuers? HAM radios are old school but effective nonetheless – being able to send out distress signals might just be what keeps hope alive when things look bleak.

I opt for these handheld HAM radios because they are affordable and get the job done though they’re are better ones out there.

Solar Power To The Rescue

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In case electronics fail due to power shortage (as they always do), don’t fret because solar power kits are here. Harnessing the power of the sun to keep your electronics charged is now easier than ever with these solar power solutions

Utilizing solar power survival tools can really make a huge difference in surviving a SHTF event. I mean who thought that going off-grid could be so tech-savvy?

Key Takeaway: 

Unusual things like duct tape and zip ties can prove invaluable in survival situations due to their versatility. Aluminum foil is a multi-use tool for cooking, heat reflection, or signaling help. Handheld HAM radios provide crucial communication channels when needed most. Harness the sun’s power with portable solar kits to keep electronics running even off-grid.

Building a Comprehensive Prepper List

A comprehensive prepper list is like your trusty pocket knife in the wilderness of survival preparation. It furnishes you with a sound foundation and keeps your attention on the fundamentals. Your prepper checklist should be as unique as your fingerprint, tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

Brown Wooden Axe Besides Brown Leather Knife Holster pepper list

To build an effective prepper checklist, start by identifying items that address basic human needs – food, water, shelter, and safety. Remember the importance of quality when choosing these essentials; good-quality gear can make all the difference between thriving or merely surviving.


Essential Skills for Preppers

The first thing we need to remember is this: A true prepper isn’t defined by how many cans of beans he has stashed away or how shiny his solar charger is. Rather it’s about developing vital skills that help him utilize those resources effectively.

Canning food may seem old-fashioned now with our freeze-dried meals and bottled water galore, but learning such skills will give us more control over our food source during emergencies.

Beyond physical supplies lies another area where training can save lives – basic medical aid. Knowing how to use an aid kit properly could mean getting through tough times unscathed while waiting for professional help to arrive. Just imagine being able to stitch up a wound using only fishing line from your pack – MacGyver would be proud.

Packing For Needs And Emergencies

You never know when having extra toilet paper might just save the day. Personal hygiene items may not seem as crucial as a water filter or heat source, but maintaining cleanliness will help prevent infections and diseases in stressful situations.

And let’s not forget the trusty duct tape – it’s like a Swiss Army knife in your survival kit. Whether you’re patching up torn tents or crafting emergency bandages, its uses are virtually limitless. Remember those zip ties you tossed into your kit next to your gallon bucket? They’re going to come in handy too.

Key Takeaway: 

A comprehensive prepper list is your survival roadmap, tailored to meet your unique needs. Prioritize basic human necessities like food, water, shelter and safety with a focus on quality. But remember: it’s not just about having the right supplies – it’s also about mastering essential skills that can help you use them effectively.

Prepper List Bonus: Self-Defense Tools

radian rifles with view from mountain backdrop prepper list
My beauty: Radian Weapons Upper and Lower Build Kit w/ Cirterion CORE barrel and Sig Romeo8T red dot

In the realm of preparedness and survival, one cannot underestimate the importance of having reliable self-defense tools. Particularly in emergency situations where law enforcement may be overwhelmed or unavailable, your safety could come down to your ability to protect yourself and those you care about. The most effective tool for this purpose is undoubtedly a firearm.

A firearm, when used responsibly and skillfully, can provide an unparalleled level of protection against potential threats. Whether it’s deterring would-be attackers or hunting game for sustenance during prolonged periods without access to conventional food sources, firearms offer versatility that few other tools can match.


Selecting Your Self-Defense Firearm

Picking out the right firearm depends largely on personal preference alongside factors such as reliability, ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness among others. Handguns tend to be popular choices due to their portability but rifles or shotguns might prove more useful in certain scenarios like defending property from intruders at longer ranges.

best handguns for beginners on the prepper list

Remember – no matter what type of firearm you choose, the most important factor is your comfort and proficiency with it. The best gun for self-defense is one that you can use effectively under stress.

Read More:

Prepper List FAQs

What items should you stockpile?

You should hoard nutritious food, clean water, medical supplies, and survival tools like a knife or multi-tool. Don’t forget personal hygiene products either.

What is needed to be a prepper?

To become a prepper, you need planning skills and resources for long-term survival situations. You also need to learn various self-reliance techniques.

What do you put in a prepper kit?

A typical prepper kit includes emergency food and water supplies, first aid gear, shelter equipment like tents and sleeping bags plus essential tools such as flashlights or knives.

What food do preppers stock up on?

Preppers typically stash canned goods, bulk dried foods and freeze-dried meals because they last longer. Cooking fats and spices are also important for meal prep during emergencies.

Prepper List Conclusion

urban prepper, what is a prepper, shtf plan and shtf loadout prepper list

Building a comprehensive prepper list is not just for the apocalypse. It’s about readiness, whether it be an unexpected storm or a power outage.

You’ve learned that water and food storage are crucial. And how to keep these resources clean and uncontaminated can’t be overstressed.

We also explored essential tools like solar chargers, hand crank generators, and versatile items like duct tape and zip ties.

The importance of shelter was highlighted – remember a good tent equals a good night’s sleep in emergencies!

Lastly, never underestimate personal hygiene needs in survival situations; they help ward off diseases.

Your road to preparedness starts here with your very own custom-made prepper list. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready!.

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