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Ever imagined how you’d fare in an emergency situation where food supplies run out? Wouldn’t it be better if you had access to long-lasting meals packed with essential nutrients that can fuel you for days, or even weeks, on end? That’s where Nutrient Survival comes in.

It’s not the most pleasant thought, but preparedness is never about convenience. It’s about setting yourself and your loved ones up for higher chances of safety with minimal risk in an emergency situation. It is your job as a man to prepare for yourself and your loved ones and Nutrient Survival provides the most elite nutrition on the market.

This isn’t just another pantry stock-up. It’s more than just food; it’s survival-grade nutrition designed for uncertain times and ready at your fingertips whenever needed.

Intrigued? Let’s get into it.

nutrient survival review

The Pressing Need To Be Prepared

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Coming into 2024 we have experienced numerous threats to our way of life and it is honestly a miracle that our somewhat “normal” lives have continued to roll on at this point. Moving forward we have so many threats to consider:

  • The geopolitical climate and inflation have had a significant impact on businesses and citizens worldwide. In 2022 and 2023, civil unrest was prevalent across the globe. This turmoil, coupled with supply chain issues, has posed challenges that will only continue to increase. 
  • With the increasing use of mobile devices and AI, cybersecurity has become a paramount concern. Irreparable damage to sensitive information and nationwide systems from cyber threats is a real concern.
  • Natural disasters from more frequent and severe weather events affect everyone. We must be prepared for emergencies caused by extreme weather and have a plan to take action when needed most. 
  • Public safety concerns have risen due to an increase in mass shootings and media coverage of those shootings produces “copycats”, all while condemning the 2nd Amendment and our gun rights which perpetuates the problem. 
  • The increases in social tension are rising rapidly which could lead to disaster in major areas.
  • We’re seeing rising tensions in the Israel/Hamas conflict which leads one to question if WW3 is on our doorstep.

It is no secret that times have become increasingly uncertain since 2020. More and more “events” seem to be arising all over the world and this raises red flags for a lot of people. So what can we do about it?

The best answer I have is to be sure you can be prepared to lead yourself, your family, and others through times of severe hardship because they are on the horizon.

This doesn’t mean we live in fear, rather we live in faith and discernment while praying for the best and preparing for the worst.

This is why having food and other supplies stored ahead of time is more crucial than ever. The problem is that there are so many rip-off companies out there who are only after your dollar and could care less about your well-being.

Enter Nutrient Survival.

Survival at its finest
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Nutrient Survival

The standard for survival food. Food should free you. Not fail you. Browse their emergency food kits, everyday performance foods and BrainCare products.

Nutrient Survival Overview

Nutrient Survival is a game-changer in the world of emergency food supplies. As men preparing for tough times, we need more than just long shelf life or easy-to-prepare meals. We require real sustenance that will keep us physically strong and mentally sharp when challenges arise.

Nutrient Survival Food, inspired by the nutritional standards of U.S. Military’s Special Operations teams, is designed to provide you with all the essential nutrients your body needs. It’s not about surviving on bare minimums; it’s about thriving even under pressure.

nutrient suvival cans on shelf
Fully stocked with peace of mind

The Role of Essential Nutrients in Emergency Food Supply

Amino acids, omega-6s, and omega-3s aren’t just fancy terms found on nutrition labels but critical components our bodies need to function properly. In survival situations where regular meal routines are disrupted, having a nutrient-rich diet can mean the difference between resilience and weakness.

Or even life or death…

In fact, each Nutrient Survival product packs 40 different essential nutrients into every serving and that’s saying something. That’s far beyond what most other emergency survival food companies offer. These meals don’t just fill your stomach; they fuel your fight against whatever hardships are coming our way.


⚠️Important Note: Many of the “big name” emergency survival food brands that preach patriotism are full of fillers, empty calories, and unhealthy ingredients that will not fuel you to perform and defend in an emergency or SHTF event.

Packed for Longevity: A Look at Shelf Life

You might be wondering about its shelf life with all of that nutrition. Most Nutrient Survival products have an impressive 25-year shelf life. That means no worrying about constant rotation or wastage due to expired goods which is a pain in the you-know-what. 

You have quarter-century-long peace of mind right there.


This makes Nutrient Survival a practical choice for both short-term food storage and long-term planning. And let’s not forget, when the going gets tough, it’s good to know you’re equipped with true special ops grade nutrition.

To be real, Nutrient Survival recognizes the dire need for comprehensive readiness in body, mind, and spirit. It goes beyond just having an emergency food supply; it’s about ensuring that even in crises, you can still thrive.

Key Takeaway: Nutrient Survival changes the game for emergency food prep by prioritizing essential nutrients, not only a long shelf life. Inspired by US Military’s Special Ops standards, these meals are packed with 40 vital nutrients to keep you strong and sharp during tough times. Plus, they boast a remarkable 25-year shelf life for worry-free storage. But Nutrient Survival isn’t only about stocking up on meals; it’s also about giving your body the tools it needs to thrive when conditions get challenging and you need to perform.

Features and Benefits of Nutrient Survival Products

Nutrient Survival products are designed to give you the essential nutrients your body needs, especially in survival situations. What sets them apart is their special ops grade nutrition, which follows the nutritional standards of the US Military’s Special Ops teams.

Convenience and Versatility of Nutrient Survival Food

nutrient survival bars on seat

The beauty lies in their simplicity. Nutrient Survival meals can be prepared just by adding water to rehydrate the food. You don’t need heat or special equipment, making them ideal for emergencies when resources may be scarce. This is all due to their patented process that takes advantage of freeze-dried technology, which means each meal retains its taste and nutritional value.

Want some meals for the camping trip? What about a quick fix for dinner on those nights when you just don’t want to cook? 

Throw any of these meals in a bowl and boil with some water and you got a tasty dinner in minutes.

You might wonder if food that lasts this long could possibly even taste good. After eating quite a few of them myself, I’m telling you they actually do taste good especially compared to other starchy emergency foods out there. 

Each serving not only offers all your essential nutrients but they also are delicious. Imagine having a Hearty Lasagna or Triple Cheese Mac while camping out in the wilderness. Well, you can!


nutrient survival grab and go power pack
On the go options are great for trips, backpacking, prepping or just a convenient snack

A key feature worth mentioning is that they offer single servings for convenience, perfect if you’re on the go or rationing supplies during emergency situations. It’s hard to beat such versatility where each product has been meticulously crafted with both quality and practicality in mind.

My Favorites

If I had to pick my favorites among their offerings I’d say the Homestyle Scramble and Southwestern Medley are certainly high up there. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, the Maple Almond Grain Crunch will satisfy those cravings even during stressful times.

nutrient survival bowl close up

In summary: Taste? Check. Convenience? Double-check. Essential nutrients packed into every bite-sized portion? Absolutely. In terms of overall benefits, we’re looking at more than just sustenance here; it’s practically survival served on a silver platter.

And as a cherry on top, if you place an order worth over $199, Nutrient Survival offers free shipping. Who doesn’t appreciate free shipping?

And it gets even better. If you decide to create a subscription with your order then you get everything for an additional 10% off

Wait it gets even better! I’ve managed to secure a discount code for you because I like this stuff so much. Use code “STRENGTH15” to get a generous 15% off everything 😲.

At the end of the day, Nutrient Survival is about more than just food storage. It’s your ticket to surviving and thriving in even the toughest situations. Whether you’re bracing for harsh weather or prepping for unexpected emergencies, this long-term food solution has got you covered.

Key Takeaway: Nutrient Survival products pack a punch with essential nutrients, special ops grade nutrition, and tasty food options. Just add water for easy prep – no heat necessary. They’re perfect for emergencies, camping trips, or just on-the-go meals. Plus free shipping on orders over $199 and my discount code “STRENGTH15” for you? Now that’s a no-brainer.

Taste Review of Popular Nutrient Survival Meals

Nutrient Survival has a lot of great stuff and it’s hard to pick a favorite but I put the spotlight on two of the most popular meals: Hearty Lasagna and Triple Cheese Mac.

Taste Test – Hearty Lasagna vs Triple Cheese Mac

nutrient survival food bowls

We started with the Hearty Lasagna. The rich tomato sauce mixed well with the pasta and every bite was savory. It’s packed with essential nutrients like amino acids and omega-6s that help fuel your body during emergency situations.

The next stop was the Triple Cheese Mac. This meal oozes with cheesy goodness giving you a comforting feeling around a campfire in the cold. Plus, it provides a good source of omega-3s which support brain health – an important aspect when dealing with high-stress scenarios.

Our verdict? Both meals exceeded expectations. But remember guys; tastes vary so give both a try.

Nutrition & Texture Analysis:


Digging deeper into these meals’ nutritional profiles revealed their true benefits. Each one is chock-full of vitamins and minerals required for maintaining optimal health in survival situations.

What stood out most about Nutrient Survival meals was their texture consistency despite being long-term survival food and just adding water. 

They actually look and taste like freshly cooked meals, which is not even close to the industry standard.

Sweet Treat: Maple Almond Grain Crunch Review:

nutrient survival maple almond crunch

If you’re someone who likes to end things on a sweet note then let me show you my favorite dessert/snack option: Maple Almond Grain Crunch. This treat doesn’t just satisfy your sweet tooth but also fuels up your body thanks to its protein-packed formula. 

The best part? You get all these nutrients and flavor with a 25-year shelf life. This is pretty standard but no one else balances shelf life with the great flavor and consistency like Nutrient Survival does.

Product Highlights: Nutrient Survival’s Hearty Lasagna and Triple Cheese Mac are packed with essential nutrients, taste great, and have a satisfying texture just like freshly prepared meals. Their Maple Almond Grain Crunch is the perfect sweet treat for emergency food prep. Remember to give them all a try as tastes vary.

Shelf Life & Storage Tips for Nutrient Survival Products

Knowing how to store your emergency food supply, like those from Nutrient Survival, is crucial. These products have a remarkable 25-year shelf life when stored properly. 

So, what are the secrets to such long-term storage? The key to such extended storage lies in maintaining ideal conditions.

The actual shelf life for their longevity is tied directly to the temperature they’re stored in. Aim for a cool and dry location where temperatures stay consistently below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24°C). This will ensure that the essential nutrients packed into every bite remain potent and ready to fuel you in any survival situation.

nutrient survival shelf life
Don’t forget to store your kits properly

A key feature of Nutrient Survival food products isn’t just their lengthy shelf life or nutrient-dense makeup, it’s also their packaging design. Most meals come sealed tight in #10 cans which are those big ones often seen holding bulk items at warehouse stores.

This actually makes rotation easier than ever before. So instead of finding old stock buried deep on your pantry shelves after several years untouched, and possibly wasted, you can keep track easily by using the oldest cans first.

This system not only keeps waste minimal but helps maintain an efficient rotation schedule. This is a must-have strategy for long-term food storage scenarios where access to fresh supplies may be limited or non-existent.

If you’re wondering about shelf life after opening the containers, don’t worry. Once they’re opened, consume them within one week and they’ll still provide an excellent source of nutrients required during emergencies or everyday use without compromising taste or quality.


Besides temperature regulation and proper product rotation techniques, avoid exposing your stash directly to sunlight; UV rays can degrade packaging over time, potentially compromising your food’s shelf life and quality. Likewise, try to keep them off the floor; a high-and-dry location is best.

Whether you’re prepping for potential emergency situations or simply looking for nutrient-rich meals that don’t skimp on flavor (hearty lasagna anyone?), knowing how to properly store these vital supplies will ensure they’ll be ready when needed most. 

So whether it’s a creamy chocolate shake or hearty apple cinnamon oatmeal catching your eye, let Nutrient Survival guide you in keeping those tasty treats fresh and flavorful.

Key Takeaway: Storing Nutrient Survival products correctly is vital for maintaining their 25-year shelf life. Keep them in cool, dry conditions below 75 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve essential nutrients. Use the convenient #10 cans oldest-first for easy rotation and minimal waste and once opened, consume within a week without losing taste or nutrient quality.

Comparing Nutrient Survival with Traditional Emergency Food

When it comes to emergency food, there’s a stark difference between Nutrient Survival and other traditional options. But what makes them stand out over the others? It all boils down to their use of real ingredients and commitment to providing special ops-grade nutrition.

The Advantage of Real Ingredients in Nutrient Survival Products


Nutrient Survival takes the game up a notch by ensuring that each meal is packed full of essential nutrients needed for survival situations. Unlike many competitors who often rely on artificial flavors or preservatives, this brand goes the extra mile to use real ingredients.

The result? You get meals that are not just delicious but also healthy and high quality. You might not think so, but this is something you’d appreciate when stuck in a socially collapsed scenario where good food might be hard to come by. 

The point here isn’t just about satisfying hunger; it’s providing your body with the sustenance it needs in times of hardship to be able to perform when you and your loved ones need it most. Whether it be defending your family or planning your next moves, proper nutrition directly influences your performance.

This doesn’t mean they’ve compromised taste either. Their hearty lasagna holds its own against any lasagna out there while packing more nutritional punch per serving. If sweet cravings hit, you can count on treats like maple almond grain crunch too.

Nutrient survival Charts Comparison

Difference in Nutrition Profile: Nutrient Survival vs Other Brands

An interesting trend emerges when comparing the nutrient profiles of these companies and their emergency food storage products. Most traditional emergency brands aim at providing very basic sustenance with usually high-calorie “content” with little regard for balanced nutrition.

Nutrient Survival, however, flips this narrative by emphasizing complete nourishment instead – because they understand better than anyone else how vital performance nutrition is for living through challenging times.

Role of Nutrient Survival in Emergency Preparedness

urban prepper

When it comes to preparing for emergencies, your food supply is as crucial as your tactical gear. This is where Nutrient Survival shines. Ensuring that your emergency supplies are packed with essential nutrients to keep you healthy and strong is a key factor of Nutrient Survival’s food storage solutions.

Nutrient Survival specializes in long-term food storage solutions that are loaded with 40 essential nutrients and everything from amino acids, omega-6s, and omega-3s to vitamins and minerals. Everything that our bodies need daily. 

The reality of emergency situations often includes limited resources and time for meal prep. Again, Nutrient Survival delivers by providing ready-to-eat meals that only need water—no heat required. With options like homestyle scramble for breakfast or southwestern medley for dinner, there’s something suitable anytime hunger strikes during an unexpected crisis.

A Reliable Food Supply Saves Lives

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to worry about natural disasters or other uncertainties interrupting our lives. But it’s important to be prepared because when disaster strikes without warning those who fail to plan could potentially face dire consequences.

Nutrient Survival understands this all too well hence why its focus is on creating nutrient-rich foods with excellent shelf life that are easy to prepare.

Nutrient Survival food on ground

Tactical Nutrition You Can Trust

If you’re thinking, “Why can’t I just buy the cheaper survival food out there?” You could. No one is stopping you. Although, many survival kits and foods available on the market today are high in empty calories but low in essential nutrients. Not to mention packed with preservatives and other less-than-ideal ingredients.

Nutrient Survival sets itself apart by packing its meals with ingredients that exceed the nutritional standards of US Military’s Special Ops teams which is a true testament to its commitment to providing top tier nutritional food. This makes Nutrient Survival products an excellent source of nourishment during emergencies when maintaining physical strength and mental alertness becomes even more crucial.

Being a part of Nutrient Survival has been an incredible journey so far.

Key Takeaway: 

Beware of other survival emergency foods brands and do your research on their contents before buying. Not all companies are out to actually help you. Nutrient Survival is your go-to for emergency food supplies. They offer nutrient-packed meals with a 25-year shelf life, ready to eat with just water.

Why Choose Nutrient Survival? A Comprehensive Solution

But with Nutrient Survival, you’re not just getting an average survival kit you’re getting long term food that will provide essential nutrients and has all the emergency food supply features you need when things truly go south.

Free Shipping and Other Perks with Nutrient Survival

You’ll get meals packed with essential nutrients that are designed for longevity. Imagine having access to tasty dishes like hearty lasagna or triple-cheese mac during an emergency situation. Not only do these meals provide necessary nutrition, but they also give you something familiar and delicious in times of desperate need.

Nutrient Survival doesn’t only offer top-grade nutrition; they go above and beyond by offering free shipping on orders over $199 which can be a huge money saver.

Additionally, they offer a subscription program where you can save 10% on all orders you subscribe to.

Lastly, there is a free sampler variety pack of their best sellers available! 

Apart from providing nutrient-dense survival foods, this company offers more perks such as regular newsletters filled with valuable information and a YouTube channel that has awesome information.

Don’t forget you can save 15% by using code “STRENGTH15” on everything!

The Importance of Proper Nutrition During Emergencies

urban prepper nutrient survival
Empty shelves come quick when people are desperate

In situations where resources are scarce, every bit counts, especially when it comes to nutrition. Foods provided by Nutrient Survival contain all the vitamins, amino acids, and other essential elements needed for optimal body function which is needed in incredibly stressful conditions. 

No matter what life throws at us, be it a natural disaster or complete societal collapse, being prepared helps make things more manageable and provides you with the level of strength you need to push through hard times. With high-quality ingredients and exceptional shelf-life, choosing Nutrient Survival is an investment in your future.

No matter how bleak it may be. If you never need it, then that’s great, you’ve now got the perfect camping food for the whole family!

Being prepared isn’t just about having resources; it’s about making sure those resources will truly serve you when the time comes. With Nutrient Survival, you’re not just preparing for hard times, you’re setting yourself up to thrive no matter what comes your way.

So fellas, whether you’re prepping for hard times or looking to have healthy meals ready at your convenience – Nutrient Survival’s got you covered.

Key Takeaway: Choosing Nutrient Survival isn’t just about securing an emergency food supply. It’s a commitment to nutrient-rich meals that promise both longevity and great taste. With free shipping on orders over $199, an awesome discount code, and strict adherence to US Military Special Ops nutritional standards, your decision goes beyond mere survival—it’s truly about flourishing.

FAQs About Nutrient Survival

Who is the owner of Nutrient Survival?

Nutrient Survival is owned by Eric Christianson, a former healthcare executive and U.S. Army Ranger passionate about nutrition and survival.

How long does nutrient survival last?

The meals from Nutrient Survival are designed to have an impressive shelf life of up to 25 years.

Where is nutrient survival made?

Nutrient Survival products are proudly manufactured in Reno, Nevada in the United States.

What nutrient is necessary for survival?

All nutrients are crucial for our well-being. However, water stands out as it’s needed more frequently than others for essential body functions.


nutrient survival

So, we’ve navigated the world of Nutrient Survival emergency food supplies. Now you’re equipped with knowledge about these long-lasting meals that are more than just food; they’re survival-grade nutrition. You’ve learned how they pack 40 essential nutrients and last up to 25 years.

We’ve explored the convenience factor too. Just add water and your meal is ready – no heat needed! Plus, variety isn’t an issue either with options like Triple Cheese Mac or Maple Almond Grain Crunch at hand.

You also know now that storage is a breeze and these products have an impressive shelf life. And remember, when compared to traditional emergency foods, nutrient survival brings real ingredients and special ops-grade nutrition to the table and not any dead calories.

Don’t forget your discount code either! Use “STRENGTH15” to save an extra 15% on everything!

In essence? It’s not only about being prepared for emergencies but doing so in a way that doesn’t compromise on health or taste!

 “Be ready, and be prepared, you and all your contingents that are assembled around you, and be a guard for them.” -Ezekiel 38:7

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