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Ever wonder how to amp up your shooting skills without spending hours at the range? You’re not alone. Imagine a solution that fits in the palm of your hand, yet delivers massive strides in precision and technique. Welcome to our Mantis X Laser Academy review, where we dive into an innovative training tool taking the firearms world by storm.

This is more than just tech talk; it’s about revolutionizing how you train. We’re talking dry fire practice with smart targets, laser cartridges, and transforming your smartphone into a virtual coach with the Mantis X Laser Academy app.

Intrigued? If you thought that all sounded cool then sit tight because Mantis has just released their biggest app update yet and we’ve got first dibs at giving you all the details. 

Read the full Laser Academy review as we go through this game-changing tech that promises to help turn novice plinkers into seasoned shooters right from their living rooms!

mantis x laser academy review

Dry Fire Training: Laser Academy Review

Dry fire practice is a great way to enhance your shooting skills without spending money on ammunition. And if you’re serious about maximizing the benefits of dry firing, you’ve probably heard of Mantis X. 

They are a renowned company in this field, offering a sensor and app combo that can analyze each dry fire shot you take. With their system, you’ll get valuable feedback on aspects like trigger pull and grip, helping you improve your technique effectively. 

So if you want to make the most out of your dry fire sessions, anything from Mantis X is definitely worth considering.

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And now…

Mantis X has now introduced the newest update to the Mantis Laser Academy Training System.

dryfire on another level
DSC05885 Edit

Mantis X Laser Academy

Most advanced laser training dry fire system in existence

*Price accurate at time of writing

This innovative gear combines cutting-edge sensors with handguns, rifles, and shotguns to create an exceptional training experience. With continuous improvements and a focus on dry fire exercises, Mantis continues to push the boundaries of firearms training.

Mantis X Laser Academy Overview

Do you wish you could shoot more often? I bet time and money constraints make it difficult. But with the Mantis X Laser Academy, you can practice dry fire training almost anywhere. 

laser academy review
Standard Laser Academy Kit

No need to worry about range access or expensive ammo anymore, (especially in these times when even the best places to buy ammo are raising prices).

And the best part? It’s not boring! 

Regular dry firing can be quite boring at times, don’t you agree?

But, it’s critical to your success as a shooter.

Mantis X has made sure that training is fun and engaging, so you’ll actually look forward to using this training tool. Say goodbye to dull dry fire practice and hello to a more exciting way of improving your shooting skills.

This dry fire training tool is like having your own personal shooting coach in your pocket. But let’s get into what makes it tick.

What Is The Laser Academy?

laser academy review

Mantis Laser Academy revolves around three key elements: a laser cartridge that fits into your gun’s chamber, a set of smart targets, and the Laser Academy training app

The process is simple to start a training session: You insert the laser cartridge, position your targets, launch the app, and aim your phone at the smart targets. Then you select a drill from the app and start shooting while following the on-screen instructions.

Pretty simple right?

While there are more intricate details involved, this summarizes the basic concept of the Mantis X Laser Academy Training system.

mantis x laser academy
Training with my G45 is a blast 💥This pistol is featured in our round up of the Best Handguns You Can Buy

The Laser Academy offers real-time scoring and instant feedback on your shooting drills. It also allows you to review your performance later on. What’s great is that the app keeps a record of your progress, so you can see how you’ve improved over time. 

One of its useful features is the ability to input different firearms, enabling you to compare your performance with each one. This helps identify which guns you excel at and which ones need more practice. Laser Academy works well with handguns, rifles, and shotguns but is primarily tailored for pistol use. 

With a variety of drills available, ranging from basic marksmanship to drawing and shooting exercises, there’s something for everyone. Some drills even require specific targets that Mantis provides or lets you download through the app.

Components Of The Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit

The real magic lies with what’s inside of the Laser Academy training kit. Packed to the brim with smart targets, this setup lets you track and analyze every shot fired during practice. It comes complete with large tripods for target mounting and even includes mini tripod options for tighter spaces or more compact ranges.

Now they include little target stands and shades for your phone in the Standard Kit which is what I have. I found these particularly handy as they helped me easily set up various drills of different difficulty levels. These components truly make a difference in tailoring your firearm drills according to skill level and specific improvement areas.

What’s Included In The Box?

laser academy review
Everything comes organized in a nice case with slots available to add numerous caliber cartridges. You can get one for all your guns!

When you open up your new Laser Academy box you’ll find all the goods and depending on which kit you got it will have the following:

Standard Kit:

laser academy review
  • Full Access* code to Mantis Laser Academy ($99 value)
  • Pink Rhino laser cartridge (9mm in my case)
  • Complete set of 5″x7″ Laser Academy Smart Targets
  • Complete set of 8″x11″ Laser Academy Smart Targets
  • Mini tripod and smartphone holder
  • Large tripod and smartphone holder
  • Wooden stick to push the cartridge out
  • Portable carrying case
  • Blue adhesive putty
  • NEW: A set of target 5 stands
  • NEW: Phone shades

Portable Kit:

laser academy review
  • Full Access* code to Mantis Laser Academy App
  • Pink Rhino laser cartridge
  • Complete set of 5″x7″ Laser Academy Smart Targets
  • Mini tripod and smartphone holder
  • Laser cartridge extraction stick
  • Portable carrying case
  • Blue adhesive putty
Key Takeaway: 

The Mantis Laser Academy system feels like having a personal shooting coach right in your pocket. This laser training kit gives you the ability to track each shot, customize drills based on skill level, and practice with various calibers – all of this without needing any live ammunition.

Unpacking the Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit

If you’re looking to take your dry fire practice up a notch, look no further than the smart targets included in the Mantis Laser Academy training kit. But what makes these targets so “smart”? Let’s dig into it.

Utilizing Smart Targets for Effective Firearms Training

laser academy review

The Mantis Laser Academy has put together an impressive package with their smart targets. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill paper silhouettes; they’re part of a complete set that provides visual representation for dry fire practice.

This means each shot fired at these is tracked and recorded by the system within the app which we’ll talk about in a sec. It offers real-time feedback on accuracy and consistency.

The Laser Academy smart targets are exclusively designed for automatic detection and shot scoring with the Mantis Laser Academy app. There a quite a few target options available and the training kit comes with a lot.

For your convenience, you can also download and print these targets manually at no cost from their website.

Mantis X Laser Cartridges

laser academy review

Smart targets, however, are just one part of the equation. The laser cartridges by Pink Rhino are what bring this system to life. Pretty funny name huh?

Each shot fired with these precision devices emits a laser that interacts with the smart targets, creating an interactive training experience that’s as close to live-fire practice as it gets without stepping foot on a range.

You get to choose one when buying and you can add different caliber cartridges to your kit.

Key Takeaway: 

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, the Mantis Laser Academy’s smart targets combined with their laser cartridges and drills can truly elevate your skill set. It’s not only about improving accuracy and consistency; it’s also about transforming practice into an engaging and interactive experience.

Exploring the Mantis Laser Academy App

The Mantis Laser Academy app is a powerhouse of features designed to enhance firearms training. It’s like having a personal shooting coach right in your pocket. Plus it’s just been updated with some awesome new features.

The Drills

laser drills

It’s got a wide number of drills for you to try out and you get a full access code with your training kit. The free version has some drills if you go that route but pales in comparison to having full access.

  • Open Shooting – Single Target: Basic target shooting with scoring and the ability to store sessions to track your progress.
  • Shot From Guard/Low Ready– One Shot: Starting from a prompt, this mode times your shot and tracks accuracy in single-shot sessions.
  • Duel – Single Shot: You and a training partner compete to see who has the fastest draw and eagle eye.  
  • Bullseye – Five-shot: Untimed, no prompts, receive scores and splits from five-shot rounds.

The Laser Academy kits come with an activation code to unlock additional training modes:

laser academy app access
  • Open Shooting– Multiple Targets: Basic target shooting with multiple target scoring and the ability to store sessions to track your progress.
  • Duel – Best of Five Series: The first shot on targets wins a point in the best out of five competition.
  • Duel – High Score: Fastest accurate shooting round against an opponent.
  • Shot From Guard/Low Ready – Multi-Shot: Starting from a prompt, this mode measures your reaction time and tracks the accuracy of your shots.
  • Bullseye – 10 Shots: Records scores and splits for 10-shot sessions. Untimed, unprompted. 
  • Close Contact from Holster: Fast and accurate shot from the holster to the close contact position.
  • Compressed Surprise Break: Develop a fast shot in response to the start signal.
  • Holster Draw: Fast and accurate shot starting from the holster.
  • Holster Draw – Par Timed: Fast and accurate shot starting from the holster, against a par time.
  • Multiple Shots on Multiple Targets: Develop speed and accuracy on multiple targets with multiple shots.

The app also has some additional holiday-themed bell drills which are pretty fun.

bells drills

New App Update With New Features

Mantis just launched their most significant release yet: the Laser Academy training journey and it is pretty cool.

This groundbreaking paradigm introduces a series of instructional videos, exercise guides, drills, quizzes, courses, and marksmanship assessments. It’s designed to revolutionize your training experience and make it more impactful than ever before. 

laser tutorials
“Tutorials” have been added to the newest update and they are great especially for new users

Get ready for a whole new level of skill-building on top of what it already offered.

Using the Laser Academy App for Home Range Setup

No bullets? No problem. Thanks to Mantis’ advanced technology, dry fire drills are now more effective than ever before. The Laser Academy turns any room into a safe shooting gallery without causing harm or noise disturbance.

Now that you’ve seen the app a bit let’s get into setting up and training.

If you want additional help to use in tandem with the Laser Academy, check out my dry fire training guide.

To begin, you’ll need to configure your home range using the Mantis App in conjunction with your smartphone holder and mini tripod placed at a suitable distance from the smart targets. Just make sure you have good lighting.

The beauty of this process lies in its simplicity: just use your smartphone holder and mini tripod, place them at an appropriate distance from your smart targets, and you’re good to go.

Make sure to check the laser offset as well. While you can’t change where the laser hits, you can adjust what the app recognizes as a successful hit. The app provides step-by-step instructions to easily calibrate and compensate for any offset.

laser offset

The app uses blue outlines to indicate the targets it’s reading. Each drill has instructions and various skill levels. You can choose to go fast or slow. Once you press start, a countdown display appears followed by an audible prompt. It’s incredibly easy and user-friendly, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy like me. I quickly grasped how to use it despite my limited technological skills.

One of the things I love most about Laser Academy drills is the immediate feedback they provide. When I pull the trigger, my phone emits a sound that resembles gunfire, giving me an auditory confirmation of my shot. It’s not overly loud, but it’s enough to let me know that I’ve fired a “shot.”

laser set up

Additionally, the program displays a visual representation on screen showing where my shots hit the target. This combination of audio and visual feedback makes Laser Academy engaging and enjoyable.

Your shot detection results appear instantly on-screen after each pull of the trigger—no guesswork required here. Each report includes accuracy percentages alongside helpful tips aimed at improving precision. It’s actually a bit like getting real-time feedback from an experienced trainer but minus all those drill sergeant vibes.

The shot detection is incredibly precise no matter the target, app, or mode. It’s highly unlikely to miss shots unless used in excessively bright surroundings. Indoors and under normal lighting conditions, it functions flawlessly.

After completing each drill, I receive a scorecard with details such as my overall score, a map of my hits, and split times. The instant feedback motivates me to keep practicing daily in order to see improvement over time.

laser tutorials

A standout feature is how adaptable it is. With different modes such as “Bullseye,” “5-Shot,” and more adventurous ones like “Hostage” mode (don’t worry – no actual hostages involved.), there’s something for every level of shooter proficiency.

When it comes to breaking it all down, the kit’s simplicity makes it a breeze. Just remember not to lose that little extraction stick; it helps when changing out cartridges. 

Packing it all up is nothing like cleaning up after a day at the range let me tell you!


Making Progress Visible

We know tracking progress can sometimes feel overwhelming—but fear not—the Mantis app’s got you covered. The laser academy training kit makes sure your improvements are measurable, motivating you to aim for better scores.

One thing that sets this system apart is the accessibility of stats and modes; whether it’s Mantis app settings or shooting modes, everything can be accessed with a simple tap on your smartphone screen. You’ll never have to fumble through complicated menus again.

Key Takeaway: 


With the Mantis Laser Academy app, enhancing your firearms training is as simple as tapping on your smartphone screen. Its features transform any room into a safe shooting gallery, allowing for efficient dry fire drills and real-time shot detection results. Plus, it makes tracking progress effortless – keeping you motivated to improve with accessible stats and modes.

Comparing Mantis Laser Academy with Other Dry Fire Systems

The dry fire industry is awash with various systems, but none stands out quite like the Mantis Laser Academy. Renowned for producing top-notch sensors and apps that enhance shooting skills, Mantis leads the pack. But how does it stack up against other brands? Let’s find out.


Mantis’ Innovative Features: More Than Just a Training Kit

The Mantis Laser Academy offers more than your average dry fire system. It comes equipped with smart targets, mini tripods, and large ones too. These components are key in creating an immersive training environment right at home.

This complete set ensures you’re getting more bang for your buck compared to standard kits from other companies. You don’t just get a laser cartridge; there’s also a cell phone holder to help capture those all-important stats during practice sessions.


Firing Up The Competition With Their App

Another area where Mantis pulls ahead is its state-of-the-art app – making range setup easier than ever before. Unlike others on the market which offer basic functionalities such as tracking shots fired or hit accuracy only.

The Laser Academy app comes loaded with various shooting modes and drills to boost your training. This app’s real gem is its ability to provide instant feedback on every shot, a feature missing in many competitors.

Conclusion: Mantis Holds Its Ground

In conclusion, the Mantis Laser Academy offers features unmatched by other dry fire systems. 

With innovative components like smart targets, Pink Rhino cartridges, and an interactive app that adds depth to your training experience, the Mantis Laser Academy is your go-to. 

They’re always pushing boundaries and striving for excellence to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Key Takeaway: 

The Mantis Laser Academy outshines other dry fire systems, offering a complete training kit with smart targets and unique Pink Rhino cartridges for precise shot detection. Its advanced app provides varied shooting modes and instant feedback on every shot. This makes it more than just an average system; it’s your ultimate solution to stay ahead in firearms training.

Potential Improvements for Mantis Laser Academy

The Mantis Laser Academy is an impressive tool that has been praised by many in the tactical training community. But even the best systems have room for growth and enhancement. One such area we’ve identified, based on our experience with this kit, revolves around rifle training.

Currently, the Mantis system focuses predominantly on pistol shooting drills. Incorporating a wider range of firearms like rifles could offer more comprehensive practice sessions to users who want to improve their overall skills – not just their proficiency with handguns.

Incorporating More Rifle Training

laser rifle
Training with the Blackbeard/X makes dryfire with an AR15 so enjoyable 😁

We all know that mastering any skill requires practice – lots of it. While handgun shooting forms a significant part of tactical training, incorporating additional exercises designed specifically for rifles would be beneficial too. For example, precision aiming or distance judging drills might come handy when using longer barrel weapons such as AR-15s or bolt actions.

Given its current capabilities, adding dedicated rifle training seems plausible without needing major modifications to existing components like smart targets mini tripod setup or smartphone holder large design adjustments.

On a closing note, it’s important to remember that these potential improvements are suggested enhancements rather than criticisms. As it stands now, the Mantis Laser Academy is already a game-changer in dry fire practice and firearms training. Yet, like everything else, there’s scope for further progress.

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The Mantis Blackbeard for AR-15s

This system is ideal for dry fire practice with your AR15. It also works with the Laser Academy!

There could be more diverse rifle training like I already mentioned but it’s still a lot of fun and I recommend utilizing the two together.


Key Takeaway: 

While the Mantis Laser Academy shines in pistol shooting drills, expanding to include more rifle training to include the Blackbeard could boost its appeal.

ar15 dryfire fun
Mantis x settings with blackbeard

Mantis X Blackbeard

Trigger auto-resetting AR15 dryfire tool.

*Price accurate at time of writing

FAQs in Relation to Laser Academy Review

What is Laser Academy?

Laser Academy is a comprehensive firearms training system from Mantis. It combines laser devices, smart targets, and an interactive app to enhance dry fire practice.

Is Mantis Laser Academy free?

No, the Mantis Laser Academy isn’t free. It’s a premium product with costs varying based on components chosen, such as caliber-specific laser cartridges and smart target sets. There is a free version of the app available though.

Does dry fire mag work with laser?

A dry fire mag can work with certain lasers designed for it. However, the functionality may vary depending on the specific brand or model of both the magazine and laser.


That’s the scoop on our Mantis X laser academy review.

You’ve learned how Mantis Laser Academy enhances dry fire practice with its unique components.

We dove into smart targets, mini and large tripods, and got acquainted with the laser cartridges.

You also discovered how the Mantis app turns your smartphone into a personal coach for firearms training.

Not to forget exploring Blackbeard – an innovative drop-in bolt system that elevates AR-15 training to another level.

We even took you through comparisons of this ingenious system against other players in the field.

So here’s hoping this gives you ample ammo (pun intended) to make informed decisions about your shooting skills enhancement journey!

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my personal Pick
mantis x 10

Mantis X10 Elite

Impressive and powerful training tool.

*Price accurate at time of writing

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