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Embarking on a journey of how to follow Jesus opens up a transformative path for you as a believer. This article will guide you through basic but essential steps starting with accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the cornerstone of Christian faith. 

You’ll learn how building a personal relationship with God through prayer can deepen your spiritual life while engaging in community brings support and growth. Practical tips on living out your faith daily underscore the importance of love, service, and obedience in reflecting Christ’s teachings.

Navigating temptations and trials is also covered, highlighting the power of Scripture as an invaluable tool. Additionally, fostering gratitude and trust in God prepares you for unforeseen challenges. 

Finally, understanding why knowing the Bible matters equips you with knowledge for every step of this fulfilling journey of how to follow Jesus Christ.

Understanding Salvation Through Faith

Are you learning how to follow Jesus?

how to follow Jesus

Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior marks the beginning of a transformative journey (new life) for you. It’s crucial to understand that salvation is not something we can earn; it’s a gift, made possible through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and God’s grace

This fundamental Truth of the Gospels of the New Testament set the foundation for our faith, recognizing that it is only through believing in Christ’s death and resurrection that we receive eternal life (John 3:16). 

how to follow jesus

The Bible teaches us about this gift in Ephesians 2:8-9, emphasizing faith as the key to salvation. By accepting Jesus Christ into our hearts, we acknowledge His ultimate sacrifice—giving His life for ours—so that we might be saved from sin.

This is truly how to follow Jesus.

The Significance of Jesus’ Sacrifice

Jesus’ death on the cross was more than an act of unparalleled love; it was a pivotal moment in history that provided humanity with a path to redemption. Understanding the gravity of this event helps deepen our appreciation for what being saved truly means.

Grayscale Photo Of The Crucifix how to follow Jesus

This sacrificial act fulfilled prophecies from centuries before His time in the Old Testament and demonstrated God’s immense love for us. As Romans 5:8 states, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Accepting this profound truth allows you to embark on your spiritual journey with gratitude and purpose and is how to follow Jesus.

Read the Gospels for different accounts of the sacrifice of the Son of God who is Christ Jesus.

How To Follow Jesus: The Role of Prayer

Prayer is our direct line to God, a way to strengthen our faith and trust in Him. It’s not just about asking for help; it’s about building a personal relationship with God. Through prayer, we communicate our fears, hopes, our gratitude, and seek guidance.

bible verses about strength in hard times 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. how to follow jesus

It is also how you can tell Him you love God and by following how Jesus taught His disciples to pray, it’s a direct guide on how to follow Jesus’s teaching on prayer.

To develop this connection further you need to pray with a sincere heart and make it a regular habit. The more you pray with meaning, the better you get at it and you don’t need to pray long and wordy prayers (Matthew 6:7-8), all you need to do is be yourself. The Lord’s Prayer is a great starting point that Jesus taught His disciples (Matthew 6:9-13).

You can also consider joining Bible study groups or my new community that is being developed that will feature Bible study/discussion meetings (get on my email list to stay in the know for its release).

Communities and other believers offer support as you explore different forms of prayer and deepen your spiritual journey as you follow Christ.

Incorporating Prayer into Daily Life

Making prayer a part of your daily routine might seem challenging at first but think of it as setting up regular check-ins with a mentor or friend. Start by dedicating specific times each day for quiet reflection and conversation with God. 

Morning prayers can set the tone for the day ahead while nighttime prayers can be an opportunity to reflect on what happened during the day. While driving, turn off all distractions if possible and just pray. I’ve found this to be a great time to grow closer to Christ.

Remember that reading and studying the Bible is crucial for nurturing your relationship with God. This habit helps you understand His word better which enriches your prayer life even more. Embrace this practice consistently as well to see significant growth in your spiritual journey with Jesus daily.

Embracing Community and Fellowship

The Holy Spirit plays a crucial role in guiding us toward wisdom in Christ, especially when we connect with fellow believers. Engaging with a Christian community isn’t just about attending services; it’s about growing together, sharing experiences, being there for eachother, and holding each other accountable.

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In this journey of faith, the fellowship among Christians acts as both a support network and a spiritual family. Whether you’re seeking advice, prayer, or simply someone to talk to about your walk with God—these relationships are foundational. They help us navigate through life’s challenges while staying rooted in our faith.

Beyond personal growth, being part of such communities allows us to witness the Holy Spirit’s work firsthand in others’ lives. This not only strengthens our belief but also motivates us to live out Jesus’ teachings on love and service more fully every day.

Find a good church in your area and go to service and you’ll see how much more the Holy Spirit touches your life if you put your heart into it.

You can also join our exclusive community to strengthen your walk with Christ with others who have the same goals as you!

Act By Reflecting Jesus’ Love

Living out faith daily is a call to action, grounded in the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. It’s about making real-world choices that mirror His compassion and selflessness.

Serving others doesn’t just meet physical needs; it paves the way for sharing the Gospel. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen or just begin to live with love you others which will lead to acts of kindness that can then open doors to discuss why you serve God and potentially help others to accept Jesus. 


This isn’t just about feeding the hungry but showing God’s love through our actions.

Obedience to God’s calling often requires stepping outside our comfort zones. Whether it’s offering support to family members or engaging with community projects, each act of service plants seeds of faith in those around us.

While it is important to remember that we do not get into heaven through good works or deeds but by faith alone, following in Christ’s footsteps and teachings is our mission.

By loving others as yourself, you embody Christ’s commandment and become a beacon of hope and light in today’s world (Matthew 22:39).

The Power Of Scripture In Overcoming Temptation

Resisting temptation and finding strength during hard times often feels like an uphill battle. Yet, the Bible serves as a powerful tool in this fight, offering wisdom and guidance to navigate life’s challenges.

Scripture provides clear instructions on how to avoid temptation. For instance, Ephesians 6:11 encourages us to “put on the full armor of God” so that we can stand against the devil’s schemes. This metaphorical armor includes truth, righteousness, readiness from the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, and the sword of God’s word itself (Ephesians 6:13-17). 

how to follow jesus

By immersing ourselves in these virtues through daily reading and meditation on scripture, we fortify our defenses in the spiritual warfare taking place (Ephesians 6:12), making it easier to resist temptations before they take root.

Relying on Scripture also means turning towards biblical examples during times of trial. The book of James reminds us to consider it pure joy when facing trials because such experiences test our faith and develop perseverance (James 1:2-4). 

Reflecting upon Job’s patience or Paul’s endurance under persecution gives us perspective; their stories are reminders that we’re not alone in our struggles—and that victory is possible with faith.

You can learn more about resisting temptation in our read on resisting the tactics of the devil.

Cultivating A Heart Of Gratitude

Developing an attitude of gratitude by recognizing God’s blessings for you daily, which in turn fosters a deeper trust in His plans. This isn’t always easy, especially when life throws curveballs your way. Yet, it’s crucial for nurturing a strong faith.

Start by taking note, literally or mentally, of things you’re thankful for each day. It could be as simple as the sun rising or a kind gesture from someone. This practice helps shift focus from what we lack to what we have, paving the way for trusting in God’s plans even more.

To deepen this trust further, engage with fellow believers who can share their journeys and insights. Groups like Bible Journaling for Beginners offer spaces to explore how others cultivate gratitude and reliance on God amidst challenges.

The Power Of Scripture In Hard Times

In moments of temptation or trial, turning to scripture provides both guidance and strength. Verses that speak about perseverance, strength, and faith remind us of God’s presence and promise during tough times.

Making Bible study, or just reading it, part of your routine not only equips you with strength but also embeds within you the wisdom needed for everyday decisions. Learning God’s Word will help you to get started on integrating biblical truths into your life effectively.

Getting Started With Bible Study

Knowing the scriptures is crucial for those aiming to follow Jesus closely. It’s not just about reading; it’s about understanding and applying God’s Word in everyday life. 

God’s Word in the Bible speaks to you. It is much more than just reading any old book. I like to prepare my Bible reading times/study by asking the Lord to lead my time of prayer and reading and ask Him to reveal to me how He is communicating with me in that particular session.

Person Hands on Holy Bible

You will also need a Bible and different Bible versions like ESV, NASB, KJV, and NIV offer various translations and insights that can help deepen your connection with scripture.

Pick one you understand the best and stick with it. I like the ESV and NASB translations and refer to the KJV version also.

Studying effectively requires more than just picking up a Bible at random times. It involves setting aside dedicated time for study and reflection. 

A starting point could be exploring questions you have about faith or passages that intrigue you. This approach makes your study sessions both informative and personally meaningful.

I recommend starting with the four Gospels which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Read, and even listen, to these multiple times. It sounds redundant, but there is so much to take in and it speaks to you differently every single time.

To truly grasp the depth of what you’re reading, consider using study aids, doing more research on a given verse/topic, or joining a Bible study group where you can share insights and learn from others’ experiences. 

Bible study groups provide an excellent opportunity to see how different interpretations of Scripture can apply to various aspects of life.

My growing community not only focuses on men’s self-improvement, fitness, and preparedness but also on growing in Christ as well, and may be the resource you’re looking for.

How to Follow Jesus Christ FAQs

How do I start to follow Jesus?

To kick things off, accept Him as your Savior. Then dive into the Bible and chat with God through prayer.

How to be a true follower of Jesus?

Show love like He did. Help others, stick close to His teachings, and stay connected with fellow believers.

What must we do to follow Jesus?

We need to turn from our old ways, embrace His teachings fully, and commit every day to living them out.

How does a person follow Jesus?

By putting faith in action: serve generously, forgive often, pray daily, and seek guidance from Scripture at every step.

Wrapping Up How to Follow Jesus Christ

Walking the path on how to follow Jesus begins with accepting Him into your heart. It’s about building a personal connection through prayer and diving deep into Scripture. Remember, it’s not just about knowing; it’s about growing.

Lean on your community for support and growth. Let their wisdom light your way as you serve others, reflecting Christ’s love in every act of kindness. Join my current community on Telegram if you’re a man set on learning how to follow Jesus.

In hard times, trust God’s word to guide you. Facing trials? Lean even harder into faith and fellowship.

Cultivate gratitude daily; let trust in His plan anchor you in life’s storms.

To truly follow Jesus means to live out His teachings every day—loving, serving, trusting—and always coming back to the Word that ties it all together.

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