Are you a Strong Enough Man? Why Become Stronger?

Can you meet the general standards for strength of a man? Grab a calculator, weigh yourself and see. The average man should to be able lift 1 times their bodyweight for the bench press and 1.5 times their bodyweight for the back squat and deadlift. If you are 150 pounds you should be able to bench press 150 pounds and lift 225 pounds with deadlift and back squat. These standards are no joke and there are many guys that would seriously struggle even attempting them. That means you need to become stronger. We’re going to talk about why you should become a stronger man.

When I first started my journey to become stronger I was young and not even a man yet. I had worked out in high school for sports but I never really focused on gaining muscle and getting stronger. I was 6′ 2″ tall and weighed 170 pounds soaking wet. My friends and family used to call me “string bean” and I could not stand it. I hated it with a burning passion.

After high school, I really got into weightlifting and strength training. I decided I had enough of being weak and skinny and that I wanted to be a big and strong man. Getting called “string bean” was no longer an option. Being seen as a stronger and muscular man was something I desired. I was never particularly weak but for my own standards I was not strong enough and certainly not big enough.

In school I was an athletic kid yet I did not meet these standards. Bench pressing 170lbs and lifting 255lbs with deadlift or squat was not something I could do without probably hurting myself. So I began reading and researching as much as I could about getting bigger and stronger. I read a lot about training methods, routines, gear and supplements. I have not stopped doing this since I started over 10 years ago and it has been among the best things for my life.

I have been able to accomplish so much more by building a stronger body. It had given me the confidence to go out and chase goals I’ve had like becoming E.M.T. certified, pursing firefighter training and working as a Sheriff’s Deputy. Strength helped give me the resiliency to never give up on anything although they were hard. If I truly want it then I will never quit until I attain my goal.

Becoming a stronger man has given me the mindset and physical ability to do so many things. It has also given me respect from other people. Many others in my life look to me as a leader and the one who can solve their problems. They rely on me to do the heavy lifting (both literally and figuratively). These are the same people that used to poke fun at how skinny I was. Now people look at me and treat me with more respect.

This is why I started Men of Strength. To help others build the will and knowledge to become a stronger man inside and out. Being physically strong is the foundation to becoming a better man and the foundation of what we are about. Our Free 7 day Training Plan is a perfect start to attaining that. You can click here to fill out the form to receive it. Read on to see more about why being strong benefits you.

Is it the Right Time to Become a Stronger Man?

gif frame dQs4NgXc0c8 unsplash The world we live in today is not as hard as it once was. There used to be a time when being a strong man was required to survive. Today men generally do not have a real need to be strong to get by. However, that is the problem, just “get by” is not how I want to live my life and I’d bet that you feel the same way.

Although, I’m not saying that everyone used to run around looking like jacked bodybuilders. Men had to do heavy physical labor everyday like construct buildings and work the farm or in a factory. Everything was done by hand. There are still thousands of men that do this type of work today. Albeit, with advanced machinery to do most of the hard work to be more efficient.

Humans have made life much easier for themselves by advancing technology and the way we live. Humans have done this in tremendous ways and this puts less of the load on us. In the old days, men had to do the work themselves. Men and women were forced to be strong to survive.

Further, men also had to protect themselves and their families much more regularly than they do now. Being able to muscle away wrong-doers or deter them by an intimidating presence was more prevalent in past history. This does not mean that it is not applicable or even necessary in life today. Especially in these uncertain times.

These days being strong might not be on everyone’s mind. Worrying about the current struggles that have been presented is sure to be the priority. Gyms near you might be closed or have restrictions. It might even be hard to pay for if you have not been able to keep a stable income. I definitely get it.

Although, getting strong in a time like this is actually one of the best things you could do! Wouldn’t want to build your strength now to be able to handle the worse problems down the road? Wouldn’t you want to build the mental fortitude and confidence to tackle the challenges that come your way?

Benefits of Becoming a Stronger Man

become strong to lift more

  • Healthier mind and body
  • Manage stress
  • More capable
  • More energy
  • More confidence
  • Reduce injuries
  • And many more!


Becoming strong and fit benefits your everyday life in all ways. I challenge you to find any way where being a stronger man has negative effects in day to day life. Whether you realize it or not, you perform the same movements on a regular basis as typical workout routines. Like squatting onto the toilet, picking something up or pushing and pulling anything you need to move or carry. This is pretty obvious, but making your body stronger allows all of these movements to become much more efficient.

Getting stronger also reinforces your body to be able to preserve these movements for longer. Think of the elderly man who can barely move. Becoming stronger and maintaining that muscle mass allows your body to stay more mobile as you decay and grow old.

There is not a better time to start on your path to a stronger you than now. Period. Unless you or your family’s safety is on the line, now is the time to start. It is never too late or too early. Becoming big and strong takes time, patience and consistency. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to achieve that goal. Worse, the more likely you will never start.

However, if you do start now then you will have set in motion the transformation to your best self. You will feel better, have less pain, feel happier and less depressed and have the drive to push on through anything. You will be building a resilient, efficient and healthy body and the way you look and feel will reflect that if you stick to it.

Physical Health Benefits of Being Stronger

pexels photo 4752861 In the U.S.A. obesity run rampant. A sedentary lifestyle combined with bad food and habits leads to major health problems like being overweight, diabetes, heart disease and many others. Strength training will prevent and/or help manage these by reducing the symptoms of many chronic conditions including arthritis, back pain, obesity, heart disease, depression, anxiety and diabetes. This is not an exhaustive list.

Do you want to lower your body fat percentage? Burn more calories? Increase muscle mass? Move more freely and efficiently without pain? Becoming strong will address all of these. Increasing your strength capacity will help you manage or lose weight. Strength will increase your metabolism and that will lead to more calories burned. Building muscle mass and strength in itself creates an environment in your body to more easily melt away body fat to reveal the muscles that are growing beneath. It takes more fuel to power a stronger body than a weaker one, thus more calories are burned while resting.

Additionally, strength training builds strength not only in the muscle but in other parts of the body as well. Your bones will become stronger and more dense. So will your joints and they will become more flexible. The heart will become more efficient at pumping blood. When you lift heavy weights, your body has to make itself stronger to be able to do it again more efficiently so that you don’t get hurt. All of the connective tissues become stronger and more dense to make this happen. This leads to more stable, flexible and pain free joints.

Personally, I can vouch for these results over my years of training. Injuries have been an issue from sports accidents and I have had shoulder problems from prior injuries. Getting stronger has helped my joints get strong and more stable. I can train without pain and work on a construction site with lots of heavy labor pain free despite my prior injuries. Strength training while you are healthy will lead to a stronger more resilient body that is pain free and more efficient. This article can share more about the effects of strength training on the body and mind.

If you have more muscle mass you can recover faster when you get injured as well, ask any physical therapist. While I was rehabbing my shoulder after surgery, my physical therapist told me that I would have a much faster recovery due to the fact that I had more muscle mass and strength beforehand. Having the ability to be able to bounce back very quickly after months of being out of the gym is very encouraging after being hurt. My prior physique was regained very quickly and I was honestly surprised by it.

Mental Health Benefits of Being Stronger

jude beck vXxPNk8QIsA unsplash Stress is something that everyone is far too familiar with. Stress of life, work, money, family, I can go on and on. It is a part of life and there is no escaping it but there are ways to manage it more efficiently though. Having mental fortitude can prevent stress from entering your mind or prevent it from festering inside of you. The process of building a stronger body also is a great form of therapy and will help cope with stress.

it is the best form of therapy if you ask me. Having and building strength of the body and mind are essential to managing stress and preventing unnecessary stress. Unnecessary stress can lead to anxiety and depression which is a real problem. I promise you that being strong and building more strength directly combats these and can even eliminate them in some people without medication.

That being said, strength training will manage anxiety and depression. I am not a medical professional but strength training and all exercise in general raises your level of endorphins. Endorphins serve to improve your mood and your energy levels. The feeling of finishing a tough training session is an amazing feeling. There are good workouts and bad workouts but you always feel better having finished one. On a really successful day you get a feeling of euphoria and satisfaction afterwards. You are probably exhausted immediately after, but your mood is elevated and your energy levels skyrocket once you’ve recovered.

I train in the late afternoon/evenings. When your having a rough day, there is no better feeling of getting in the gym and just letting all that stress and aggression out. If you have heard of the term iron therapy, you probably know what I mean. You have experienced this for yourself if you workout. The levels of stress have increased in our population and for me this has been the best way to relieve it. Researchers have documented that heavy resistance training across all kinds of people can manage anxiety with high efficiency. In the stresses of today’s world, who wouldn’t gain from relieving more stress and feeling better about yourself?

Equally important, training to get more powerful and muscular elevates your self-esteem and self-confidence. It gives a feeling of self-worth and more value. A large analysis of many studies showed that heavy resistance training led to a small increase in self-esteem after just one session. Strength training gives people an incredible feeling of self-worth when they have belief in their physical capabilities. It is most sincere because you cannot fake it or sugar coat it. You either lift the weight that is on the bar or you do not. It is a confidence builder to go through that struggle and know you accomplished something difficult. Picking up heavy things gives you confidence in your abilities and changes your body for the better.

Having a better self image is another component of good psychological health. One can change their body drastically by getting stronger. The result (and most times the goal to begin with) is to have a better looking body. When someone sees themselves and likes the way they look, they feel so much better about themselves and their confidence skyrockets. The sky is the limit at that point. Weight training will give you this feeling if you stick to it, work hard and remain patient while taking care of yourself. Check out this article on the effects of strength training on mental health.

In a word, I could say that self-image was the spark that ignited the fire inside me to build the strength and body that I have. Not wanting to be called “string bean” by the people closest to me really got to me. That wasn’t my only motivator because I knew I was thin and wanted to be muscular before that. It was just one of the little things that just pushed me to really make a change for myself.

I was lucky to have had this realization and acted on it at a young age. Millions of men (and particularly women) go through life never attaining a healthy and great self-image. It’s a great feeling and I know what it takes to do something about it. I know how I made that change for myself, I have the experience. If you want it I want to help you do the same for yourself by providing methods, knowledge, opinion and experience. After that the choice will be yours to make.

Why Become a Strong Man? For a Better Quality of Life

Why become a stronger man Firstly, becoming a strong man and having a muscular body increases your quality of life. Period. The process of building a strong body is grueling and it puts a lot of stress on you. This may sound counterproductive but it is not. The hard training sessions are the stress that stimulate your body to adapt to the that stimuli.

Your body adapts in the ways mentioned above to be able to better handle that same stress in the future. The same way your hands callous from working with them or your skin gets tan when out in the sun. When put into these simple terms it is easy to see that this form of stress is good and it is what makes you stronger. Do this over and over, mix it up, then do it all again. Your body, as well as your mind, will be able to handle more that is thrown at it. This is very confidence inspiring and leads to a healthy mindset to tackle life which increases your well being overall.

Being Stronger Equals More Resiliency 

Resilient Likewise, going through this process and adapting to it puts you through some hardship. Struggling to pickup hundreds of pounds of iron to keep it from crushing you is hard. You know it if you have experienced it (or have experienced being stuck under the bar). It is hard to show up to the gym and do this day in and day out, knowing what you are going to go through. This hardship builds your resiliency and fortitude.

In my mind, being resilient is one the most important traits of a strong man. There is nothing that demonstrates strength more than taking hit after hit and getting back up for more no matter what comes at you. If you have some form of resiliency then keep building it. Hardship is a sure way to becoming more resilient and strength training gives you that.

When you can take more of what life throws at you, you are a happier person because less tends to bother you. If something does then you can shrug it off more easily and that is a skill that seems to be lacking in today’s world. Society is not and will not ever cater to your needs, so its better to toughen up and take it just like everyone else has to. You will be better off for it and you will have a happier life if you are more resilient. 

Being Stronger Means Improved Sleep 

Additionally, lifting heavy weights and getting stronger improves your sleep. Studies have shown that strength training can improve your sleeping patterns and lead to a deeper sleep while waking up less. who doesn’t love sleep? Although not diagnosed, I have struggled with sleeping problems in the past and the effects of becoming strong have definitely helped my sleep for the better.

Getting proper sleep is extremely important for recovery while aiming to get stronger, but sleep is also extremely important for any person regardless. Gaining strength will help you sleep more. New research suggests that strength training is linked to deeper sleep and falling asleep faster. In a study with participants who had PTSD, they trained 3 days a week for 30 minutes at high intensity. They reported these same findings. The key to the improvement in sleep was linked to their high intensity strength training. 

Being Stronger Gives You Pain Free and Efficient Movement

pain free movement Furthermore, strength training does a lot for your body to improve your quality of life. It aids in weight reduction and managing your weight for good by increasing your metabolism. Having less fat and a higher metabolism gives people more freedom to move better. The increased flexibility from strength training allows you to move your body more easily and have pain free joints. Improving your strength and muscular performance also can decrease arthritis pain according to the Arthritis Foundation.

Getting stronger can better develop your balance, posture and coordination. Being better balanced leads to better performance in other areas of life like sports, work and hobbies. Where I find strength helps me the most is in day to day chores/tasks and especially my work. Carrying groceries, moving things, carrying my son and being able to more easily do these things helps me and also helps my family.

I work in construction and this career field requires constant heavy lifting on a day to day basis. Safety is paramount at work and I can perform more easily at work and keep myself safer by being stronger. I can do all of this more efficiently and more importantly without any pain in my joints.

Gaining more strength will most help you out in life if you move your body at all. Brainless things like getting up off the couch will become easier and you will maintain your muscle mass and strength well into your elder years. All of these benefits that were mentioned above tie in together and create a better quality of life for yourself and ones your close to. Now you have the choice. Do you want live a better life or just stay the same? Or even regress?

Becoming Strong Means a Better Sex Life

Lastly, I’ve saved this section for last for good reason. Sex is probably one of the most enjoyable things on the planet. Society as a whole might all even agree on that. If you are a man then you have testosterone surging throughout your body. Some guys have more than others. The problem is that testosterone levels in men are not as high as men in the past. Testosterone levels have been decreasing steadily in men for decades. Low testosterone is an increasingly more prevalent condition that men are being treated for.

This is linked to many different reasons and being weak or fat or both is a big reason. A study revealed a substantial drop in U.S. men’s levels of testosterone since the 1980’s. Another study found that Danish men had double digit declines among men born in the 1960’s compared to the 1920’s. European studies have found that sperm counts are lower. All of these studies show results that corelate to a decline in strength in men.

The decline in testosterone is most likely linked to high obesity rates, especially in the U.S.A. Obesity suppresses testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is what makes you a man and makes you strong. It is also what drives you to want to have sex. Getting stronger helps you lose the unnecessary weight which kills your testosterone levels and lifting heavy weights with compound lifts has been shown to give the body a hormonal release and increases your testosterone levels so therefore, your manhood. Heavy weights plus hard work equals higher testosterone, which equals more sex which means a better life. See my article on testosterone levels in men here if you want to read more.

Final Thoughts of Being Strong

To sum it all up, becoming a stronger man benefits your body, your mind and your heart and soul. You will enjoy being more capable throughout life and be able to perform better in all areas. The physical and mental health benefits are vast. You can manage/lose fat, manage serious health issues, have pain free joints and use training as a therapy for stress and depression. Check out What Type of Training is Best for Me? (Free 7 day Strength Training Plan 2021). to read more about how strength training will benefit you and how to get started.

Our Ultimate Guide to Building Strength in 2021 (Proven Strength Training Plans) and our article on Proper Nutrition To Build Muscle and Lose Fat (An Ultimate Guide To Nutrition) can get you started on a path to changing your life. Go give them a read to give you a complete outline to beginning a strength training routine with a proper diet to give you results.

Once you build a stronger version of yourself, you will wonder why you did not start earlier. Your life will change for the better and you will be so much happier. You will have confidence knowing that you are more capable than you ever believed. You can look more attractive to others and to yourself. You will earn the respect of others around you. We now know that gaining strength as a man has several benefits ranging from physical to mental and to a better life overall.

Now that we have gone through a lot of the benefits to becoming stronger as a man, do you think that you want start the developmental journey to getting stronger? Try out this Free 7 Day Training Plan. I’ve used this layout before to help me get bigger and stronger over the last 12 years. It has been tried and true for many years it just may need to be adjusted to your experience level. If your just starting out and you stick to it and work hard. You WILL see a change in yourself. Fill out the form below to receive the Free 7 Day Training Plan!

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