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Ready to level up your shooting game? The new PSA Sabre line is turning heads in the firearms community. This isn’t just another AR—it’s a powerhouse built for precision and reliability. 

With its standout upper receiver design, you’re looking at improved performance right out of the box and you still get the great price Palmetto State Armory is known for.

Dive into what makes this rifle tick with features like a 416-R stainless steel barrel that screams accuracy and longevity. And when it comes to control, PSA didn’t skimp; they decked out these rifles with smooth ambidextrous controls including the Radian Talon safety—making every move on this gun intuitive.

If customizing your firearm gets you excited, then get ready because there’s plenty of room for personal tweaks here too. Whether it’s range day or tactical training, discover how versatile and adaptable the PSA Sabre line can be for any scenario.

psa sabre

PSA Sabre Billet 13.7″ AR-15

Affordable and reliable rifle with a premium feel and performance.

Unveiling the PSA Sabre Series: Features and Design

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The Palmetto State Armory’s new Sabre series stands out in a crowded market of AR-15s and AR-10s. The unique features they’ve rolled into these rifles aren’t just for show—they’re about giving shooters more control, precision, and customization for a great price.

Under the Sabre line are two categories. 

The Forged options are a premium Mil-spec line of rifles with top-of-the-line parts included.

psa sabre forged

The Billet line of Sabre rifles is the cream of the crop built with premium materials, top-tier parts, and a fit and finish that would make any AR-15/AR-10 lover drool. This is where the PSA Sabre really makes a statement.

psa sabre billet

The Distinct Upper Receiver of the PSA Sabre Rifles

Digging deeper into what makes these models tick, it’s clear that the billet upper receiver isn’t simply a design choice; it has a purpose. 

Unique milling on this piece not only adds to its robust look but also contributes significantly to function by offering better stability—a real plus when you’re lining up shots down range or handling heavier optics on your rail system and accessories on the hand guard.

The SABRE upper is pretty well milled and it has a unique design that matches the lower so that it looks uniform when mated together and your barrel nut is tight. Not only is it stable but this also gives it a top-tier feel and look.

The SABRE series stands out with its distinctive forward assist design on the billet uppers, diverging from the traditional forged uppers style. It sports a block-style appearance that aligns with the overall aesthetic while maintaining a conventional forward assist button. 

Additionally, it includes a Timbercreek polymer dust cover that not only functions effectively but also enhances the rifle’s visual appeal and coherence in design.

Lastly, you can choose between quad-Picatinny rail or MLOCK handguards in a variety of lengths.

New Lower Receiver Design of the PSA Sabre Rifles

The functionality of the billet PSA Sabre lower is where all the magic happens. Both billet and forged receivers showcase a distinctive design that’s a first from PSA but in my opinion, this is the reason why you should spring for the billet options. 

psa sabre

Crafted from 7075 aluminum, these billet lowers are multi-caliber marked and feature a durable hard-coat anodized finish. The seamless integration and matching aesthetics between the upper and lower receivers boost its aesthetic appeal, giving them a premium feel and look. 

A built-in trigger guard is another standout feature that might go unnoticed at first glance.  It also has a pronounced dip for effortless access with a gloved finger, enhancing ease of use and functionality in various conditions. 

This seemingly small detail actually means one less part to worry about during assembly or upgrades—and we all know that fewer parts can mean fewer problems when you need reliability most.

While I’ll delve into specifics regarding controls and features later on, it’s worth noting at this point that the visual lines of this rifle set it apart in terms of design.

Advanced Barrel Technology and Options

Moving onto the barrels, PSA’s in-house 416-R stainless steel and 4150V nitride finish barrels get the nod here—they both combine toughness with top-notch corrosion resistance. That means whether you’re sending rounds through heat or humidity, your Sabre rifle is designed to keep performing without losing accuracy over time. 

It’s this kind of thinking ahead that shows PSA understands serious shooters don’t want a good gun—they demand a great one.

An impressive feat indeed is how well these barrels work with various types of ammo—from match-grade stuff right down to budget-friendly steel cased options—without hiccupping on feed ramps even after thousands of rounds have passed through them.

One thing to note is that there are a few barrel differences between the billet and forged lines under the PSA Sabre line. .223 Wylde chambered billet rifles will have the 416R stainless steel barrels while 5.56 chambered rifles have 4150V nitride finish barrels. The forged line has cold hammer forged barrels that are manufactured by FN. 

The barrels come in a variety of lengths from 13.7″ with a pinned/welded muzzle device to 20-inch barrels. There are also 10.5″ for AR pistol builds. 

The AR-15s come chambered in either .223 Wylde or 5.56mm depending on your selection and the AR-10s come in .308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor.

Ergonomics and Controls of PSA Sabre Rifles

Palmetto State Armory went all out when selecting the best of the best for the controls to include on their rifles. A lot of which I am a big fan of that add additional fit function on this great gun.

psa sabre controls
You can make out the ambi bolt catch above the mag release in this photo by my friends over at Lynx Defense.


When you wrap your hand around the B5 pistol grip or the PSA Sabre rifle, it’s like shaking hands with confidence. I haven’t felt the Sabre branded grip but the B5 Systems design feels natural in your palm, enhancing steadiness for those crucial shots. The better grip angle also is a little more ergonomic to use. You can always throw on whatever grip you want. 

Ambi Controls

What makes this experience even better is knowing that no matter if you’re right-handed or a southpaw shooter like I am, the fully ambidextrous controls are there to make shooting this rifle a breeze. Honestly, once you go with fully ambidextrous controls you aren’t going to go back. 

psa sabre controls
The Battle Arms ambidextrous mag release and bolt catch paired with the ambi Radian Talon safety are a nice touch


The Radian Talon safety selector is the best safety on the market and offers smooth operation. The Talon allows shooters to engage and disengage the safety without missing a beat—very important when every second counts on the range or in tactical situations. I exclusively use this safety on all of my builds

Full Parts List

The billet version lower comes with Battle Arms Pivot/Takedown Pins, Battle Arms Bolt Catch, Battle Arms Ambi-Magazine / mag release, Hiperfire RBT Trigger with JP Reduced Power Springs, Ambi-Bolt Release, and rifle buffer tube with Sprinco green spring. Also included is a Radian Raptor LT charging handle with all Sabre rifles and it works great (Radian Raptor charging handles are my personal favorite).

Mag/Bolt Release

The all-metal ambidextrous Battle Arms magazine/bolt releases boast an impressive texture; making mag changes quick and fumble-free can make all the difference during high-stress moments.

The placement of controls such as bolt release/hold-open ensures efficient action cycles whether you’re engaging targets at a distance or executing close-quarter maneuvers.

psa sabre
Palmetto State Armory did a great job on the design and milling of the Sabre billet line.

Attention to Detail

This level of detail extends beyond just one component though; each part from charging handles down to dust covers plays its role in ensuring top-notch performance. 

A noteworthy aspect of these rifles is how they accommodate both traditionalists and modern warriors alike through their advanced ergonomics and “vintage” setup options. 

Whether talking steel-cased ammo compatibility or match-grade precision using Norma 72gr Match ammunition achieving 1.2 MOA at 100 yards—the evidence points towards excellence built into every inch of the Sabre rifles.

Key Takeaway: 

Shake hands with confidence when you grip a PSA Sabre rifle. Its ergonomic design and ambidextrous features like the Radian Talon safety selector ensure smooth operation, while textured mag releases mean quick, no-look changes.

The Sabre’s precision is clear—down to every detail. It delivers whether using steel-cased ammo or achieving 1.2 MOA accuracy with match-grade rounds.

On the Range with PSA Sabre Rifles

The PSA Sabre series is a fresh addition to Palmetto State Armory’s lineup, boasting features that make it stand out on the range. The Sabre’s have been on the market for a while now and have had some time to be put through the paces. 

Let’s see how they have done.

best range bag

Testing Reliability Through Rounds Fired

Firing over 1,000 rounds without malfunctions speaks volumes about reliability. Throughout testing at varying distances and conditions, I’ve seen the Sabre’s perform really well with only some minor hiccups which were fixed after some gas block adjustments. This included rapid firing and slow fire sessions with match grade and cheap training ammo.

A 13.7″ Sabre, and a less-than-peak accuracy attitude, put down consistent 2 MOA groups at 100 yards with bulk 55 grain training ammo.

When paired with Remington Premiere Match 69gr ammo I’ve seen an impressive accuracy of 1 MOA at 100 yards—a testament to both ammunition quality and rifle precision. Also with much more common PMC Bronze 55gr, I’ve seen close to 1 MOA which is pretty good.

It’s clear that whether you’re using match ammo or less refined steel-cased options, the SABRE holds its own for anyone seeking a reliable range gun.

The only issue I have seen is some feed/ejection issues with some Tula steel-cased ammo but it isn’t consistent enough to be a worry since that happens with any AR-15 especially right out of the box. 

But let me tell you—the convenience of ambidextrous controls can’t be overstated when it comes time for manipulation drills and reloads; something lefties will appreciate as much as right-handed shooters do.

PSA Sabre Ergonomics and Controls In Action

The grip from B5 Systems sits just right in your hand while operating either an AR-15 or AR-10 model. It really makes long sessions feel like less work on your hands/wrist than they might otherwise be. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve been on the range for 6+ hours with a standard grip angle.

Meanwhile, shouldering feels natural partly because of how intuitive it is to find the control elements and there’s no fumbling around during critical moments when every second counts.

The Radian and Battle Arms components enhance the rifle’s smooth operation significantly—even while wearing gloves. Speaking from experience—that kind of detail makes a big difference during tactical drills or competition settings where efficiency is required.

psa sabre with radian charging handle
PSA Sabre with a Radian Charging Handle. Photo by Lynx Defense

All told? The handling characteristics reflect thoughtful engineering designed specifically with the shooter’s needs in mind and the accuracy put out by the Sabre’s is impressive considering the various ammo types being put through them.

Key Takeaway: 

PSA Sabre rifles nail it with unwavering reliability, shooting over 1,000 rounds without a hitch and delivering solid accuracy with various ammo types. Their ambidextrous design shines with quick handling and efficiency—perfect for any shooter wanting performance that keeps up round after round.

Customization Potential of PSA Sabre Rifles

The PSA Sabre rifles, known for their robust build and versatility, offer a canvas for shooters to express their personal style and enhance functionality. With the right aftermarket accessories compatibility, your rifle can be tailored to meet specific needs whether it’s on the range or in tactical situations.

Although with all the parts included already, you probably won’t have to add much to increase your own performance. If you do PSA has usually got what you need, if not then you can always go to Primary Arms.

psa sabre
13.7′ Sabre with two piece quad-rail. “1k rounds and no malfunctions.” Review and photo by William B.

Enhancing Function with Aftermarket Accessories

A key aspect of customizing any AR platform is selecting compatible upgrades that improve performance without sacrificing reliability. 

The PSA Sabre series, being no exception, allows owners to swap out parts like the charging handle and magazine release with ease. They already include a Radian Raptor LT ambidextrous charging handle but you can swap in your go-to at any time.

To further refine your shooting experience, you might want to replace the factory bolt release / hold-open with an extended version which offers easier access while maintaining focus on target acquisition. This is totally up to you. As a left-handed shooter, I like the bolt catch to extend rearward like the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch.

The ability to choose between an MLOK or 1913 Picatinny quad-rail handguard is a plus. Choose which works best for your application and you’ll have plenty of customization options in either route.

Selecting Ergonomic Controls & Triggers

Ergonomics play a huge role in shooter comfort and control over their firearm. A B5 Systems pistol grip is included but your preferred grip could provide better handling whereas incorporating something like Battle Arms Development’s short throw safety selector adds both aesthetic appeal and functionality if you don’t like Radian’s Talon safety.

The trigger assembly is another area ripe for enhancement; while it has a Hiperfire RBT trigger, getting a new one can lead to crisper break points – translating into potentially more accurate shots during intense drills. Geissele triggers are always a consideration for an upgraded trigger.

Functionality With Aftermarket Parts

Muzzle devices are often overlooked but choosing one that aligns well with your intended use like mitigating recoil, reducing flash signature, or mounting a suppressor is pretty important especially since things can get funny with the NFA las and the ATF.


The Palmetto State Armory Sabre AR-15s come with a Sabre compensator or a JMAC GFHC-E that’s pinned and welded where necessary to be legal.

Additionally, fine-tuning your gas system by adding an adjustable gas block is always cool and ensures smooth cycling even when switching between various types of ammunition from standard AAC training loads to heavier grain projectiles designed specifically for precision shooting applications.

Key Takeaway: 

PSA Sabre rifles are the perfect platform for customization (if you even need to), allowing you to tailor your firearm with accessories that further boost performance and fit your style.

However, with everything that’s included you probably won’t need to change much.

Tactical Applications & Versatility of the SABRE Series

When it comes to a rifle that stands up to the demands of tactical applications, the Sabre series from Palmetto State Armory doesn’t just meet expectations; it does a great job at exceeding them, especially at this price point. 

Built for resilience and affordability, these rifles are designed with a mid-length gas system that significantly mitigates recoil. This feature alone makes them ideal companions for both range shooting and real-world scenarios where precision is paramount.

The versatility extends beyond mere recoil control. Hunters will appreciate how this gas system also contributes to smoother operation in field conditions, enhancing reliability when tracking game through brush or lining up shots at dawn’s first light. 

Competitive shooters aren’t left out either; they’ll find that follow-up shots are faster and more accurate thanks to this same design choice.


Touching back on the fine details like ergonomics and control which are perfectly designed elements for operating under stress or when split-second decisions count. With well-textured metal magazine releases, users can expect effortless mag changes even with gloved hands—a true testament to its suitability across different environments from humid forests during hunting season to dusty ranges on match day.

The PSA Sabre rifles come ready for customization too—whether you’re looking at tailoring your rig with a quad-rail / handguard, attaching different muzzle devices based on mission needs, or adding optics like red dots for quick target acquisition—the possibilities feel almost endless without compromising performance standards set by industry leaders.

The versatility and price tag of these firearms makes them a solid choice for various scenarios, from urban operations to competitive shooting. They prove that high performance doesn’t have to break the bank either as they come in at around the industry standard price for a standard rifle but you get a premium quality weapon system with premium parts.

Key Takeaway: 

PSA Sabre rifles excel in tactical settings with their recoil-reducing mid-length gas system, making them perfect for hunters and competitive shooters alike. They shine in high-stress scenarios due to their user-friendly design and are ready for any custom tweaks you need for the mission requirements.

PSA Sabre FAQs

What is PSA Sabre?

The PSA Sabre is a line of rifles by Palmetto State Armory, known for their precision and modularity tailored to sharpshooters.

What is PSA in gun terms?

In firearms lingo, PSA stands for Palmetto State Armory, a company famed for manufacturing affordable yet reliable guns.

Does the PSA Sabre have an adjustable gas block?

Yes some models do come with a Sabre adjustable gas block.

Where does PSA make their guns?

All of Palmetto State Armory’s firearms and parts are proudly crafted within the United States’ borders.

PSA Sabre Review Conclusion

psa sabre

PSA Sabre Billet 13.7″ AR-15

Affordable and reliable rifle with a premium feel and performance.

So, you’ve explored the PSA Sabre series. What’s clear? This line of rifles brings precision to your fingertips with its larger upper receiver and unique milling.

Remember that 416-R stainless steel barrel—its promise for accuracy is as solid as they come. And when it comes to control, think Radian Talon safety; it’s a game-changer for both lefties and righties.

Then there’s customization—the PSA Sabre stands ready for your personal touch, adapting seamlessly whether at the range or in tactical gear.

All said and done, this rifle isn’t just good on paper; it delivers power where it counts. Let every shot be a testament to its versatility—for marksmen who mean business.

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